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The summer vacations are fast approaching and we are in full preparation for the official launch of our new collection.

The two models will be available for pre-order during the month of September.

While waiting for the day, we asked ARTABAN TV agency to do "Close Up" shootings for each model.

Here is the result for the model with silver movement:

And the other shooting for the model with black movement :



Yesterday we finally received the final prototypes of our sapphire dials. The results are impeccable!

We quickly handed them over to our watchmakers for proper assembly.



We are eagerly waiting for the last prototype versions so that we can finally make our photo and video visuals.

Initially, it was planned to launch the pre-order phase for this model on April 1st (and this is not a joke ;)).

Unfortunately it won't be possible because the delivery of the last prototypes will not be done before mid-April!

But we couldn't wait to show you the assembled model, so we decided to show you a bit more with these pictures of the prototypes "in action".

We hope you'll like it :)



At the beginning of this year we received our customizable back rings and an intermediate series of dial prototypes.


After unpacking, we contacted the company W Laser SA in Delémont to carry out our first laser engraving tests.

We are still far from the final result but after a few adjustments we will obtain impeccable results.



It is not yet the final pre-production but the indexes have been corrected this time with the diamond facets and with the Superluminova®.

A small check with the hands allowed us to validate the color of the SLN in the dark. On the other hand we note a slight coloring of the SLN towards the yellow-green in the daylight.


There is a large number of types of SUPERLUMINOVA® on the market, with a wide range of colors and more or less power of emission in the dark.

In our case we use the Superluminova® "BGW9 Grade A". However, we believe that these last prototypes were made with SLN BGW9 (without Grade A).

A correction has been requested directly to the supplier.



Today we are like kids because we received our first prototypes.

Unpacking in video with some pictures:

Our initial comments:

On these partial prototypes the diamond facets and the Superluminova in the pockets are still missing.

It's not strong enough. We will ask them to make several layers to improve it

The color "powdered silver" (gray) is not well suited, both on the silver movement and the black movement. We will therefore start on a deep white.

The placement of the logo will be raised a little to let more appear the anti-shock of the balance.

On the perimeter of the dial ring, the diamond angle must be shiny silver (as on the silver dial ring) and not black as here.

On the dial with the black flange (black movement), the minute track comes out light gray and it must be white. To obtain a deep white it is necessary to shift several successive layers to mask the transparency of the sapphire.


During our first tests, we noticed that the mass of the STP 6-15 movement was slightly higher than that of the SW400 movement which usually equips our MECHANICA AUTO 40mm cases. The play being very small between the weight and the back glass, it results in a slight friction that we had not anticipated.

We will therefore have to adapt the bottoms of these boxes to correct this problem.

Rather than redoing the bottoms aesthetically identical to the previous ones, we are going to take advantage of this unforeseen situation to add a little surprise.

The idea is simple, to offer the customer the possibility to personalize his watch by affixing (on demand) the engraving of his choice.

In order to facilitate our product logistics, we are going to insert a decorative ring between the back and the casing circle. Thus, the backgrounds will all be identical but the decorative ring can be engraved on demand at our supplier W Laser SA in the Jura.

The part of the text that can be personalized will be the one at 12 o'clock, instead of the indication "YOUR TEXT" on the image.



We have contacted our suppliers and it seems that producing a dial with a sapphire plate is not so simple.

But with determination and finesse we were finally able to launch our prototype production.

That is to say:

1x Sapphire dial with Silver dial ring (flange)

1x Sapphire dial with Black dial ring (flange)

1x Silver movement holder ring

1x Black movement holder ring

Below are the plans made for the production launch of our prototype dials:

For those who are afraid of the fragility of the sapphire dial, we have provided a shock absorbing system with a gasket placed between the dial plate and the support on the movement holder.




We have been working on the evolution of our design for a few weeks now and finally we can present you our results.

The hour indexes have been moved a little further away and now penetrate a little into the dial ring (as we had already done on our MECHANICA Classique model).

For the placement of the logo we could take advantage of having a sapphire plate as a dial to place it at 12 o'clock just above the balance wheel.

The set offers a nice balance between the opening on the skeletonization of the movement and the placement of the indexes and the logo.

Now that the designs are finalized, we start the technical plans and go hunting for suppliers to make prototypes for us.

Steel / Black
Steel / Silver




After the release of our 35mm Skeleton model, we received several requests from people asking us when we would release a larger skeleton model but this time with an automatic movement. Having already developed and produced the MECHANICA Auto 40mm model, all we had to do was to reuse the existing case of this model and integrate the STP 6-15 skeleton caliber.

This movement, produced in the Jura and that we now know well, already equips our 35mm model and gives us complete satisfaction. It is reliable, obviously Swiss Made and its skeletonization design is particularly well done. Nothing less was needed to make us want to continue.

During the first phases of design we had to find some tricks because the diameter of the STP 6-15 movement is smaller than the visible opening on the dial face. This "raw" and non-lensed area would then risk weighing down the overall design of the watch and it is precisely the opposite that we want to achieve in a skeleton watch. We then decided to visually extend the movement by decorating the movement holder in the same way as the movement. => Same finish and same color. Then comes the placement of the hour circle (the minute track and the hour markers). An essential point when developing a skeleton model is to obtain a good readability of the time. Showing the wheels and the fine mechanics YES, but it is still necessary to have a coherence once the hands and the dial are placed to obtain a harmonious whole. It is thus with a lot of trial and error and with a lot of coffee that after approximately 2 months of work we can present you our first designs:

The first design has the particularity of leaving the DONE logo whole but it seems a bit stuck. Moreover, the index at 12 o'clock seems almost insignificant.

Variation 2 allows an easier reading of the logo but removes the "logo type" D which we like moderately. Moreover it does not solve the problem of the index at 12 o'clock which remains too small for our taste.

A point that we also raised after this first study concerns the minute track, or more particularly the placement of the indexes in terms of proportion on the opening. We find that the design is a bit "squashed" towards the center.

We will therefore take advantage of the fact that we have a sapphire dial plate to replace the logo and rework the overall proportions.

We will come back to you soon to present you the rest.